How do I write Chemical Equations in Stemble?

Writing chemical notation in Stemble is easy, once you know how

Applies to: Everyone

Stemble's chemical reaction input methods are all keyboard-based. This guide will show you how to use our chemical reaction input for questions revolving around writing and balancing chemical reactions.

Chemical Notation

To write a chemical species, simply type it out as you would write it out with no need for special characters for subscripts denoting the number of a given species.


chemical notation input example


One area that may require special notation is for the assigning of charges to ions. If the charge is simply +/- 1, then no special notation is required. You would only need to write


chemical notation charge example

In the event that the magnitude of the charge is greater than 1 (i.e. less than -1 OR greater than +1), a carat "^" must be used before the charge to denote that the text that follows indicates a charge.


chemical notation multiple charge example

Multiple Species

When you have multiple species on the reactant or product side of a reaction, you have to add the other species to the existing ones. This is simply done by putting a + sign between two reagents. However, these reagents must be separated from the + sign by a space, otherwise, the system will think it's a charge.

3A + 2B+

chemical notation multiple species example

Reaction Arrows

To input a reaction arrow, simply type -> into the input field.

A^2+ + 2B -> 3C+ + D-

chemical equation reaction arrow example