Grant extensions to individuals or groups

There are lots of use cases for when course admins would want to modify the start and/or due dates for assignments. That's easily handled in Stemble with extensions.

Grant an extension (modify due date) for individuals

In your Stemble account, navigate to the extensions page

  • from the assignment card on Dashboard or Course Home by clicking the button, 


  • or from AssignmentsKnowledge Base Images
  • or from Assignment Overview on the assignment of interest

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Choose Add Extension

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Search for the student by typing their name or email. Then you can either extend their due date by a specific number of days or weeks, or you can manually select a specific date and time. Finish by clicking Grant Extension.

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Grant an extension (modify due date) for an entire section or course

Navigate to Assignment Overview for the assignment of interest

  • from the assignment card on Dashboard or Course Home by clicking the button, 
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  • or from Assignments by double-clicking on the assignment of interest.

Click on the due date or the pencil icon in the Assignment Info pane to bring up the due date editor.

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Click on any date/time to change it for the course section indicated. Alternatively, you can modify all of the dates simultaneously by clicking edit all

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Pro tip: When setting start/due dates for many sections, you can use the duration toggle at the top to automatically set the due dates for all sections. You'll only need to set each start date and the due date will be set automatically.