How do I submit my work?

Stemble saves your work in several ways

Applies to: Everyone


Assignments are not explicitly submitted in Stemble. Instead, a students responses are saved for each task in real time. Once a student has saved responses for all tasks, there is nothing else that they need to do to submit the assignment. Grades are awarded for each task submission in real time.

If an assignment policy allows grades to be displayed, they'll update in real time whenever a new response is saved.


However, some assignment policies do not allow a grade to be displayed (such as quiz mode). In this case, the grade is still updated in real time but just not exposed to the student.



To submit a response to a question task, click Save Response.


Each response that you save will be recorded and accessible by clicking any of the coloured response dots below the task.


Some tasks, like videos, do not allow users to "submit" anything. In this case, the task is submitted by watching the video to completion.



Simulations (sims) do not accept an explicit response that can be submitted. However, activity on these sims are monitored and recorded so your instructor can see whether or not you've interacted with the sim.