How do I input answers in ICE charts?

How to use the Initial, Change, Equilibrium (ICE) charts in Stemble

Applies to: Everyone

ICE charts are common in chemistry to indicate the initialchange in, and equilibrium concentrations of species in a chemical reaction. Many tasks in Stemble utilize ICE charts as a convenient and intuitive input tool to allow students to express their work.

  • Indicate unknown concentrations with an "x"
  • The "x" character can be preceded by a − sign if necessary. It may also be preceded by a + sign, although that is optional.
  • Numbers may be combined with the "x" sign to express symbolic algebraic expressions (see image below).
  • A space left blank is not the same as a space that contains "0". If you intend to answer "0" for one of the spaces, you must enter it explicitly.


Note: Characters that are not accepted as inputs are not able to be typed in, including (but not limited to) spaces and other text characters.