How to Manually Edit Grades

Manually edit the grade for any task on any assignment

Applies to: Instructors

Whether you'd like to manually adjust a grade that has been automatically assigned to a student for a task, or if you are marking a manually graded task (such as a task that required a file upload), you can do so by navigating to the assignment overview page for the assignment of interest and selecting Grades from within the Assignment Info pane on the right.


  • Search for the student, click on their name


You're now viewing the assignment as that student. You'll have access to all of that student's responses for each task, as well as the feedback they've received for each response.

  • Click on the task you'd like to edit the grade for
  • Select edit grade 

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  • Edit the task grade and (optionally) provide a reason for your edit. Click Submit.


Note: The student will be able to see the new grade and the reason given for the grade change.