Why don't I see the chat widget?

If you're not seeing the chat widget, you're missing out. Here's what you can do

Stemble provides live chat support directly within the platform by clicking the chat icon on the bottom right of your screen while logged in.

Chat widget icon

If you're not seeing this icon, it's likely due to the fact that your web browser is configured to block cookies or other tracking codes and content. Though this is generally a good idea, you should turn this setting off for Stemble to enable the full experience.

Turn off content blockers and allow cookies

You should always allow cookies from Stemble by clicking Accept on your first login.


However, you may need to take additional steps for your browser to allow the chat widget. To disable the content blockers that could be preventing the widget from appearing, consult the instructions below for the browser you're using.

Google Chrome

Instructions for allowing blocked content in Google Chrome are available here.


Instructions for allowing blocked content in Firefox are available here.

Microsoft Edge

Instructions for allowing blocked content in Edge are available here. Scroll to Make an exception for tracking prevention


Instructions for allowing blocked content in Opera are available here.


  • With Safari open to the Stemble web page click Safari > Settings for This Website ...
  • Make sure that Enable content blockers is unchecked
  • Refresh the page 

Ad Blockers

Users with some browser extensions such as Duck Duck Go or other privacy enhancements may need to take additional measures to enable Stemble to display the chat widget. Please consult the settings or support pages for the adblocker you are using to learn how to add Stemble to their respective safelists.


Please note: even if you have allowed cookies and performed the actions above, if you have since deleted browser cookies or visited Stemble in a different browser, in an incognito window, or on your mobile device, then your tracking cookie won't be detected and our chat widget may not appear.